Food and Safety Guidelines


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1. Sunrise established an excellent hygiene and food safety system. Our main objective is to provide proper nourishment, as well as, hygienic environment for the children. The school nurse is in charge of food and hygiene management for the school.

2. The Sunrise kitchen obtained a valid Food and Hygiene license issued by the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. 

3. The Sunrise kitchen follows all regulations and standards in providing a safe and healthy kitchen management whose main goal is to provide proper nourishment to the students.

4. The Sunrise kitchen staff undergoes medical examination once a year and is issued a valid health permit for work. They also have proper training in food safety.

5.  Food Menu

     A.The school nurse is in charge of preparing the weekly menu. The menu depends on the season and  age of the children 

        should be well-balanced. Each meal should include rice, vegetable, meat or fish, fruits and cheese.

     B. At the beginning of each month, the food menu is checked or analyzed to determine if the require nutrients are being

         provided with each meal.

6. Food Purchase and Storage

          An authorized person is in charge of making food purchases for the Sunrise kitchen and all purchases are  from legitimate

          and licensed establishments.

           Here are rules and guidelines that the Sunrise kitchen follow for food safety and quality:

      A. None-food related items are not allowed in the kitchen. Food spoilage is strictly prohibited.

      B. We follow advisories from Shanghai Food and Drug Administration about food and food related items

Note: We do not use MSG (monosodium glutamate) and any other additives.​​​​​     


     ​​​​​​​​ ​​​​C. ​​We require our food suppliers to provide us with a health permi and product inspection certificate. (for meat}.

      D. Food is purchased on a daily basis to ensure its freshness and food preparation is consistent and uniform at all times.

           Food purchase and food preparation are checked by the school nurse everyday to ensure safety and quality.

7. Meal Preparation

      A. Fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly to avoid contamination and to safeguard against food poisoning.

      B. Food is prepared according to the number of children being served.

      C. Raw and cooked foods are kept separately and can be stored for 24-48 hours only. In storage, food is labeled properly.

          The label should indicate the name of the dish, date and time of preparation and the person who prepared it. A sample

          is taken from each dish and saved for reference (if needed).  


8.    Environmental Health

      A. Safekeeping and maintenance of all kitchen equipment, cutlery and utensils is the responsibility of the kitchen staff.

          Cutlery and utensils are washed after use, disinfected before use, sterilized and store in specified containers.

      B. The kitchen staff maintains cleanliness in the kitchen area and manage the disposal of trash.They follow a regular

           cleaning and waste disposal schedule.

C. Cooker hoods and exhaust hoods are cleaned regularly. The kitchen is equipped with full fire safety provisions. Unauthorized persons are NOT allowed to enter the kitchen at all times.

9.    Water Sanitation

       A. Drinking water equipment used by the school passed all safety requirements and is issued a health permit.

       B. Maintenance and cleaning of this machine is done by professional cleaning personnel on a regular basis.

 C. School assistants refresh the water supply every day.

10.  The school nurse conducts a daily morning check of the kitchen staff to determine if they are fit to work on the kitchen.  

       Making sure to check for conditions such as diarrhea and skin inflammation. Any person showing symptoms of the above

       mentioned conditions will be advised to go to the hospital for check-up or treatment.

11.  Safety is of utmost importance and in order to achieve this, the kitchen staff follow strict rules such as:

        A. Doors are locked after working hours.

        B. The kitchen staff is not allowed to leave the area during working hours. They can only do so during their breaks

             and after obtaining permission for other reasons.

        C. The kitchen is always attended by the staff and guarded against intruders.

12.  All kitchen cabinets and storage areas are locked at all times. Keys are kept in hand by the staff for easy access when