Welcome to Sunrise Kindergarten !
Your visit will play an important role in making a decision for your child's school life in Shanghai.

Our mission has always been focused to what the children needs and to help them maximize their full potentials in all aspects. Since school is an important aspect of a child's life it is our duty to assist them to become a better young individual and contributors of our society.

The integration of Western cultures and Chinese traditions helps a lot the children adjust into different environment settings around them. It improves their awareness of multi-cultural diversity while exploring in and beyond the school.

It would be our pleasure to show you around and give you answers to all the important questions that you may have.


Ms. Bonnie Weng​​

Ms. Bonnie Weng is an educator born and raise in Shanghai. She took her Montessori training certificates in the US and has been a school Principal for almost 20 years now.

A Word from the Principal