Pre-Registration Procedure
To be on the wait list:
  1. A school visit with the family and child is a MUST. Please contact us for an appointment for school visit.
  2. Parents may download the Pre-registration Form and send it to us by email.
  3. Parents may also sign the form after the school visit.
  4. Registration period will start around March or April following the applicable school year. (e.g. March 2018 for school year 2018 - 2019). 




Enrollment Procedure

  1. Before enrollment, the parents together with the  child will be invited to the school for interview  and orientation. (In case they have not come to the school yet for school visit).

  2. Selection process will take place.

  3. If the child is accepted, the school will contact the parents to offer the space. An email of acceptance offer will be sent. May or may not be followed up via phone call.

  4. If the parents receive the offer, they will be asked to submit the registration requirements. Please check the list of registration requirements form (for Foreign students) or registration requirements cn. form (for Chinese/Hongkong SAR, Taiwan and Macau nationality).

  5. Payment must be made on a given deadline in order to validate the child’s registration in our school.

  6. If the parents are interested to apply for a school bus service, they must fill in the school bus application form and submit to the office of the school bus coordinator. Please wait for them to confirm the school bus details before making any payment.

  7. After the above process the child will be officially enrolled in our school.

  8. To ensure that parents receive all the information about the school, they must check their email regularly for any update.


Thank you.   

Admission Office               


For Inquiries/Questions or Concerns please

Contact us at the following:
Tel.#: 64665309
Address: # 2, Lane 9, Hengshan Road, Xuhui district, Shanghai PRC
Official email account: sunik@sunriseik.com
    School Bus: sunik.admin@sunriseik.com